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I have only purchased one Pop figure for myself throughout the years of these toys becoming more and more…popular. Batman Beyond. It’s somewhere… I like it. That’s all I need. For others though, they need a lot more it seems. Golden Girls, Alice in Wonderland, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, if it exists, there’s a pop figure of it.
Walking Dead was never something that I bought into. I tried reading the comics, the art when it first started was actually really appealing. Then the artist left and we got stock with some crappy zombie cartoonist understudy. It doesn’t look good. The main reason I read a comic book is because of the art. Ultimate Spiderman, Doug Tennappel, Jeff Smith, Amulet, Gunnerkrigg Court, Hellboy… Great stuff. Good stories too.
Anyway, the artwork for The Walking Dead wasn’t good, and the writing just seemed kind of run-of-the-mill. Survivors move to a place, bad things happen, a body part is mangled, rinse, repeat. Each new graphic novel of The Walking Dead hasn’t changed my mind. Zombies, for me, haven’t been all too exciting of a concept to read or watch. The television show may very well be full of quality and it sure looks better than the comic books, but it is still based on those comic books.