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Sterling Publishing and a few other book publishers do not accept returns back to their company. It sucks. We constantly get way too many of these books sent to us. We rarely sell them, and most of them languish on a shelf for months before finally wasting away in a clearance box.
Clever booksellers have discovered the many ways to allow these books to fall into disrepair which then allows the premature marking out of stock by being “damaged” and unable to sell. Sun damage is definitely the easiest. Although other ways are utilized as well. Precarious placement on shelves can lead to books falling and busting up the corners is another way. The general lack of quality in these books can also lead to an automatic mark out of stock too. Any time a bookseller finds a book that cannot be returned back to its vendor their day is darkened a bit. It’s frustrating to deal with and shelf space is precious. Sterling makes it all worse.