I got an email from Christina who kindly shared a recent experience she had with me detailing an irate teacher. Christina writes: “I had a teacher come in (on labor day) for a lesson planner… I looked it up on Bookmaster and saw we had 6 in store. Took her to the LSL it was supposed to be displayed. (on an endcap) But there weren’t any there so I checked the section. While looking in section she started going off on me about not knowing what I’m looking for, not knowing whether we had the product in the store or not, how I should learn and maybe can help other teachers in the future, etc. and stormed off. 2 seconds later… found the Lesson planners. Maybe you can have fun with this?

Yes, I can have fun with this idea. Just after reading this email I was struck with inspiration. That inspiration, brought about by Christina’s story, has become today’s comic. I likes it. I hope you like it too.

Christina, thanks so much for the email!