Jessica sent me some great stories a little while ago and I can share one with you here that inspired today’s comic:

“Our restroom is closest to our cafe, so naturally if anything… goes wrong… in there, customers tend to tell the barista, who can’t leave the station unattended for extended periods of time (we only have one barista on staff at a time). Today was one of those days and the barista paged out on the walkies for someone to either see to the restroom or to cover the cafe so she could get it. As I’m not well-versed in the cafe, I figured I’d handle the restroom, expecting some minor thing.
Apparently the night crew from the previous day didn’t restock the toilet paper, so naturally, we ran out. Instead of just telling someone, some woman decided the best reaction to this was to empty all human waste from her body onto the floor… And the walls.”

A vivid, brown nightmare. Thanks(?) for sharing, Jessica!!