I got a Patreon Page!

One of the reasons I went on vacation, outside of the failed attempt to work a second lucrative job for a fortnight, was to bring my 8 foot fan-funded giraffe back up to my home up in Idaho.
It was a close call, with an added passenger to bring down and back up, a bunch of stuff given to us by family whilst being in California, and an additional 4 foot giraffe that needed transporting, I almost had to plan ANOTHER trip down later.

Oh, and add all the winter storm warnings and weather scares and closed roads… It was like fate really didn’t want me to be reunited with my amazing giraffe. But I did it!

I gotta say, the car Brittany and I were able to buy a couple years ago has been a dream come true for these long road trips. All wheel smart steering is pretty cool stuff. While driving through extremely snowy mountain passes we caught up to a long line of cars waiting for their Chain check. No snow chains? No more driving. The car directly in front of us, clearly a cocky driver, was scooting forward ever so slowly to get through the line and drive off. They had no snow chains. Three cars before they were to be officially checked, the driver had a sudden realization that he did indeed need snow chains to continue driving, turned his wheel to move out of the line, and promptly slid sideways into a ditch.

For anyone who is fortunate to live in not snowy places, when driving in snow, make sure you have all wheel drive, or get some dang chains.