These “customers” are one of the worst types or people to deal with. If they aren’t squirreling away stacks of books into low trafficked areas of the store just to read and eventually abandon, they’re the type that complain about a noisy kid, or there’s too many phone calls that are disturbing their reading time. Or complain that we clean up after them.
It’s annoying to explain that we aren’t a library. We sell books. We have to make money here to keep the lights on and the doors open. Libraries are subsidized by the community in myriad ways and I’m sure they deal with their own problems, but making sales, as far as I know, isn’t one of them.
If you’re hoarding a bunch of books over in the bargain area to just read, never planning to buy any of them, and a customer who’s in the store actually wants to buy a book but can’t find it and leaves, you’ve just sped up the time to when my bookstore, my job, is shut down.