I got a great email from Ian a week or so ago about “a particular type of customer, the one that would place merchandise in the chairs to “Hold their place” leaves for 20 minutes and then complains when we pick up the books to re-shelve them. My Manager and I ran into this not to long ago when a customer came in grabbed a butt-ton of books, which he did not purchase, sat in one of two lounge chairs then put all the books down to go to the cafe to go get something to eat. He was gone for well over an hour. Then he comes back to see an elderly woman sitting in “his” chair got so mad that he demanded to talk to the manager and said how has to go and re-find the books and how he has to sit in another chair.”

Excellently ridiculous customer story! Thanks so much for sharing, Ian!

John helped me a ton in coming up with an ending for the comic on this one. You’ll be able to hear it soon as we have just started recording the What’s in the Podcast podcast again! Stay tuned!