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I continue to work through the awesome emails all of you cool people send me (getting married and taking on a second job has been a huge ordeal…)
The latest email I’ve been able to catch up on comes from Em:

“I have had at least two customers agree to start a membership without knowing anything about it. I tell them it’s $25 a year and they reply ‘Okay.'”

It’s a rare occasion when a customer is totally cool with some big commitment like that without even knowing the full details. I’ve had it happen once or twice and that feeling like something bad is going to happen to balance out the good fortune is right around the corner. That anxious feeling keeps getting stronger with the further good fortune that can pile on you.
Some people can legitimately have a good day and not appreciate it because SOMETHING has to go wrong and brace for whatever that Something is. Working a job that’s based of performance, numbers, results, you know that it doesn’t always come out in your favor. It’s hard to relax after something nice happens.