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We seem to have two halves of Home Office that aren’t on speaking terms with each other. To make up for lost sales and hope to grab new customers we have a new initiative focusing on customer service and walking around looking to help the clientele. Then we have all of these tasks that they want us to do on top of all of that. Also, due to the lower sales figures that have been coming in through reports we have severely cut hours for being able to do anything task related or customer related.
I wonder when the time will come when home office finally realizes the best time to do any tasking is the three hours we don’t have customers in the store and make scheduling match other company’s methods of having all tasking, ALL TASKING done when the business doors are locked.
It may be a dramatic shift, and it may never happen, but one can dream. There are those types of people (me) who can do the customer service thing, but would much rather do projects and tasks. I work quick and clean up after myself. I’m sure I’m not the only one like that.
Heck, they’ve been testing outsourcing tasks to other companies in certain stores. Who knows what the results are, but is it really that difficult to get a couple of experienced booksellers set up with a shift that lets them do what they do best in tasking and let the rest of the store focus on the bookselling aspect?
After Red Monday though, are there enough experienced booksellers left?