Terry Pratchett died yesterday. He is my favorite author. I was lucky enough to be able to go to a couple of his book signings. He was incredibly grateful, generous, hilarious, warm, and welcoming. He didn’t let his amazing genius with language and the adoration of his countless fans get to his head. He was excited to meet them. You could tell that this guy really liked being able to share his gift with others. Compared to other authors I met (cough-cough-ROBERT JORDAN-cough) Terry Pratchett was with his readers and fans, he didn’t think he was above them.

My father picked up used copies of “Mort” and “The Light Fantastic” years and years ago. They were the books I passed over countless times to read some cheap Star Wars novel for a long time. Once I actually sat down to read them though, my imagination was set alight. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld was a revelation. High fantasy, pop culture, classic literature, anything and everything was parodied and celebrated at the same time. Terry Pratchett’s writing didn’t just inspire me to read, he inspired me to create. He inspired me to look at the world a little different. Soon after those first few books I scoured used bookstores for more Terry Pratchett. All of his books weren’t available in the USA at that time. It was pretty frustrating, the inside jackets listed a lot more titles than what was available.
Getting hired at The Bookstore helped me get my Pratchett fix. It was always an exciting shelving shift when I found a “new” Discworld novel on the Sci-Fi cart. When I was working those books never hit the sales floor, they were immediately purchased and added to my ever growing collection.

The world lost an incredibly gifted man, and he made the world better sharing his gifts with us.

Sir Terry Pratchett, thank you. Rest in peace.

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