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Every summer. These stupid books come in every summer. They take up way too much space, they overflow the already overflowing overstock shelves, they take up too much space in section, and students coming in for Summer Reading only buy THE SAME TWO BOOKS EVERY YEAR.
We get too many add on titles shipped in under the motivation of hope. Home office hopes we have a few extra add on sales from Summer Reading high-schoolers. Sorry, it doesn’t happen with the frequency that justifies the 20 plus copies of every Steinbeck, Hemingway, and Dickens novel shipped to us.
We’re stuck with these extra copies until mid September. Hours are wasted receiving the products, merchandising the products, pulling the products back to receiving, and finally shipping them out again.
If we sell only seven copies of “The Sun Also Rises” for the full year we don’t need 17 copies shipped in. Who justifies these types of orders?