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I had a fun get together for my birthday over the weekend. Somewhere in between all the errands and chores my wife and I went and saw that “It” movie. It was the one Stephen King story I was interested in consuming, but not in any other form than film. The book, I hear, is kind of a slog, and there’s some underage sexual stuff that comes out of nowhere, like barely preteen underage stuff, and the fact that it’s 1,153 pages long has me finding anything and everything to do instead of reading the thing.
But some people read it, and they thought that adapting half of the novel could make a good horror movie. I think they pretty much succeeded. I don’t recommend it for everyone, but for those interested, I think it’s worth a viewing. Certainly better than the TV movie from the 90s. I didn’t grow up with that one, and yes, Tim Curry is a treasure to the world, but the fact that they remade it caused me to look into the theatrical film. I wanted to see what they could do with child actors from NOW, who are for the most part much more convincing as real kids than a lot of kid actors in the past.
I don’t know if I’d see the next “It” film, or the rumored Pennywise origin story, but I liked this one.