I got an email from Liz about this whole “Day The Crayons Quit” promotion The Company is heading up:

“Lately I’ve been thinking about the special storytimes and activities for this book. The upper levels of management are out of touch and tone-deaf, but this seems ridiculous even for them. We’re supposed to spend a whole month caring about and supporting poor, overworked crayons? How about caring about and supporting poor, overworked, oh, I don’t know… BOOKSELLERS?!”

For a lot of stores out there hours are still being cut and that is never a fun shift to work through knowing that you have no back up. YOU are the back up. It’s really hard not to feel used. With employee reviews coming up too it has an added layer of stress for trying to reach sometimes unobtainable goals for gift card sales (which from what I’ve heard are down nation wide in ALL retail establishments) or discount cards or whatever else. It feels like people get overlooked a lot for the hard work they do put into their job.

I do like all the effort that has been put into these activities and events. I just think a promotion about someone feeling unappreciated hits a little too close to home. Especially when the Crayon book ends with the boy in the story “managing to use the crayons even further, and gets special praise for it, with no extra reward for the crayons sacrificing their very existence for it.”

We’ll still do our best because it’s our job dagnabbit. Don’t expect us to be happy 100% of the time though.

Thanks for the email, Liz!