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there are many different employed peoples that work at The Bookstore. Some are just fine. You can trust them to do a good job and not worry about them in the slightest. Others go that extra mile and make you scared of your own position because of just how awesome and overqualified they are. Some are those who are pretty okay people with the occasional brain fart that needs a little more guidance than the previous coworkers, and then there are the idiots. The Beulah. This is the type of employee that cannot be trusted with a soggy paper let alone shelving books, customer service, or money. I’ve found that the best way to handle these types is to put them in a corner. Somewhere you can keep track of them but where they can’t do much damage. They’re also the type that get the least amount of hours too. They either don’t understand why they’re getting shortchanged in the scheduling department or they don’t care. With either case, they don’t deserve what they get paid. The less of them around the better.