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Here is a selection of coworkers you’ll see through a career pretty much anywhere. You have to people you consider indispensable, people who make the work day go by quicker, more enjoyably, totally awesome-sauce people.
Then you have to people you don’t see too regularly but you know they’re god people and they’ll go on to do great stuff wherever they wind up. You’d miss them more if you had more of an opportunity to know them.
You’ll also run into a lot of people you work with who leave you completely ambivalent. They aren’t the worst all the time, but they don’t really shine at the workplace. If they stay, meh… if they leave…meh…
Finally you have the waste of space coworker. They may have a terrible attitude, poor work ethic, atrocious hygiene habits, or all of the above. When working with them you were almost always one step away from figuratively biting their head off…or literally. These are the types that you can barely suppress a smile when they tell you they’re leaving. The nicest thing you can say to them is more or less along the lines of “thank you for not working here anymore,” and that takes a lot of self control too.