I came up with this comic at 1 in the morning. And it’s AWESOME.

The whole keep the change thing still happens, but not as often anymore what with people using these plastic card magic pay money card magic things. Keeping that change was pretty neat. The Bookstore has a policy about that stuff. It’s considered a tip and we get to keep those!

The best tip I got was from the coolest janitor we had ever, Elias. That dude was super smart. He moved up from mexico and spent almost all of his time vacuuming while reading ESL books. This guy had two or three degrees in math stuff from mexico and to practice his English he’d show me some neat math tricks. I have since forgotten all of those tricks and Elias has gone on to better things.

The strangest tip I received was a pack of starburst for finding a creepy customer a new age book. I didn’t eat them.