Lina shared a couple of great stories with me recently through an email. One of them turned into the comic today. Lina writes: “Our ‘Nuk’ counter is right by the front door so when I have to stand up there and stare at the parking lot for hours, I ask customers how they’re doing when they walk in. My favorite response “Broke, Hungry, and sex starved.”

I sadly have not been able to avoid certain conversations (more one-sided conversations) with customers. I do understand particular health issues and the like when customers are looking for a health book or similar, but I’d rather not have to be subjected to their uncomfortable day to day activities or that their kids hate them or whatever. Too much information is… it’s too much.

Also, one of the comments in the comic above is based off of some strange infomercial that aired during afternoon cartoons. That infomercial was about genital herpes. You know, because all 9 year old kids rushing home from school should know about that. A specific scene in that commercial showed us active adults being all sporty on the blacktop, it then fades to the wind down period and one grown man turns to his friend and, straight faced, says, “It burns when I urinate.” No guy anywhere outside of a guaranteed confidential office with a certified doctor would say that to another human let alone his supposed basketball buddy. I did however learn that genital herpes are treatable and that that burning-pee guy got with a girl at the end of the ad. There’s hope yet!