Subject categories change frequently enough. Then they change back. Whatever. It’s retail. It happens. What is insufferable though, is the fact that Home Office will change the categories in our search system WEEKS before we set up the new categories. They have the capability of changing it when we’re scheduled to update the sections and displays, like, I’m sure they can do it day of and all, but they change them up to a month in advance. There’s probably some lackluster answer for that, like not every store does the category reset on the same night, but you know what would be better? Changing the categories only a week in advance.

We’ve lost some sales for sure by not being able to find books with the new categories. Yes, we can offer the customer the opportunity of special ordering their book or similar, but the customer is in the store NOW, and wants the book NOW.

I hope when the next category change happens we can have it happen closer to the scheduled update, and not, like, tomorrow.