Inspired by an email from Anny Nomous:

“I was applying for the Toys and Games lead position at my store, I was known my recommendations. I made my Prestigious “100 club” sales and have tons of fun, good stories about the time I recommended six books to a mom and she bought all six of them, or the time I went to help a lady and found her holding the book list I’d made for her the last time she’d been in—written in my own handwriting and so on…
However, during my interview, the managers actually tried to tell me that my hand-selling could be a Loss Prevention/Theft problem because all someone would have to do was ask me to recommend books, and then their partner could go steal them. I’m still kind of angry about that.”

There are very stupid reasons that management has to come up with to say no. They can’t just say they don’t like you, that’s just unprofessional. But making up an idiotic excuse? Tried and true!

Thanks for the email!!