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Of the Disney films I grew up on, the Lion King wasn’t in rotation as much as Robin Hood, Aladdin, Rescuers Down Under, The Great Mouse Detective, and Beauty and the Beast, but when it was queued up I didn’t skip out. There are some pretty iconic moments from the film that have entered pop culture quite thoroughly.

Everything the light touches…

Can you feel the love tonight?

Fascist hyenas.

That opening scene. The music, the imagery, it still sticks with you even if you haven’t watched the movie in years. How many fathers have jokingly held out their newborns like Rafiki? How many have gone a step further and tried to sing those opening lines in the Zulu language? I hope I got the spelling right for that…

We have too many Funko Pop figures. At least amongst the Pop figure plethora we can find the little Simba box, hold it forth with outstretched arms and… you get the idea.