So I’m excited to have my very first guest artist for the strip! While I normally wouldn’t have gone for a guest strip at the moment, I’m in the middle of the James Booktrader stuff, there is a reason for it (I’ll get to that soon).

My awesome friend Rachel took over the art for the time being. She is an incredibly talented artist with a much broader range for all that artsy stuff than I have. I love the expressions she drew for the customers in the strip and the very subtle touch of that hippy in the first panel buying a marijuana book.

So those of you who follow me on facebook or twitter may have seen some updates about me riding my bike to work. I have a crappy car, it saves me gas money, the weather’s pretty good, why not, right? Well, I got hit by a car on Monday this week while riding home from work. I’m okay. Nothing broken, only scrapes and bruises. Oh, and soreness. It hurts to move my arms and that sucks. Drawing has, at the moment, become a painful process which is why I have my awesome friend Rachel covering for me.

The James Booktrader comic today was inspired by an email that I believe I’ve been inspired by before:
“One of the things that kept my coworkers and I laughing through the process was the complete lack of awareness of the customers. Our store was not large, it was maybe a bit larger than the children’s section at a superstore, and we had at least 10 five foot tall, neon yellow signs that declared our store was closing in large, bold black letters. These signs were hanging from the ceiling all the way back the center aisle, as well as being posted directly behind the register. We also had several signs in every section outlining the different discounts. Even with all of this signage, we had at least one customer an hour walk all the way to the back of the store, pick out their book, walk back to the front where the registers were to pay, and still be shocked when we informed them that their sale was non-returnable because we were closing: “You’re closing!?! When did that happen?”
Melissa, thanks so much for the email again.