I love this comic. I had a lot of fun coming up with the idea with John, I had fun writing it out, I had a ton of fun drawing it. Muppets are the best and I think they can make almost anything better.

Lucas has been complaining about how all of his fans have complained that he keeps changing his films, and while I grudgingly respect that Lucas says they’re his movies and he can do what he wants with them, could he at least release upgraded versions of the originals while he’s at it? It does look like all he’s doing is trying to make more money and from what I hear, his 3D Phantom Menace made a billion dollars, if he’d like to make some more cash, I see nothing wrong with re-releasing episodes 4, 5, and 6 with his special edition edits AND without the edits. Peter Jackson was able to do that with Lord of the Rings and even that dumb King Kong remake, why not play to ALL sides of your audience, George? They gave you a billion dollars for your worst film, how much would they give you for something THEY want instead of something YOU want?