I went on a big road trip with my wife these past two weeks. Visiting coasts and beaches to mountains and friends and family. Also bookstores. Specifically The Bookstore. Booksellers out of state were nice, well kept, well staffed, and completely devoid of any magic the gathering cards and giraffes. A total bummer. Also, we visited a nük centered store whilst traveling, and boy what a disappointment that lark boutique looks like now. So much wasted time was focused on a device that never made The Bookstore money. The boutique was full of Funko Pop Figures, CDs, seasonal puzzles, and a small, barely noticeable nük display. A shadow of what Home Office hoped these boutiques would accomplish.

Here’s an idea, tabletop gaming focused boutiques, booster packs, game expansions, and a register to make impulse purchases. Let’s appeal to the nerds and geeks of games rather than tech dorks. No tablet or e-reader will draw enough of a crowd and technology is iterated so quickly these days that the devices you can sell are immediately outdated once they hit the store shelves. That’s not the same with board games. New classics are sticking around and can gain new adopters much faster than people wanting to read a couple James Patterson books on a plane flight. Games like Dixit and Catan will stick around far longer than a nük color tablet.

Also: Special Thanks to my brother, Jacob, who did today’s comic. Jacob is a super great and talented guy. You should probably check out some of his older chiptune musical styling at bandcamp