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There are days where the weather is perfect, I got a good amount of sleep, and I have friends who have the day off. Those are the days where I am so tempted to play hooky and run away from adult responsibilities for a day or two. Especially during the summer. Working in an air conditioned building is a great draw for people. They’ll come in just to look around and cool off. The unfortunate thing about that is EVERYONE has that thought and when you get EVERYONE in the same place, no matter how strong your air conditioning is, the body heat of all those people are raising the temperature. For some, this weekend is continuing until Wednesday for a National Holiday and that REALLY has me itching to run outside and ditch a paycheck.
I’m not one for crowds either. I much prefer small groups of people. Less issue of getting trampled and I can see the exits… Parking is easier too.
Working a second job isn’t helping. The desire for a day free of labor is becoming a much stronger temptation.