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We have a plethora of noise making toys and games at The Bookstore now, even more with Toys R Us shutting down. A good portion of them thankfully have an off switch. A good portion of these toys do not have a discernible way to shut it off outside of violently throwing them against the wall. The latter type are the toys I suggest buying for a niece or nephew of the sibling you don’t like too much. People tend to forget that if you’re buying anything for a child you’re essentially buying it for the parent as well since they’re the ones that are going to be taking care of it more.

For those people that are shopping for cool people, might I recommend a copy of Dixit or Mysterium? Having people over for a big party? Code Names is one of the best games out there for that. It’s fantastic.

I hope you all survived the rush and madness that is Black Friday!