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I had an opportunity to go out of state to help set up a bookstore in Las Vegas the other week. It was tiring. A lot of very early mornings, way too many displays to set up, and never enough water to offset the amount of sweat that was produced.
Give me a couple weeks and I’ll be able to look back on the experience and say it was good. Right now, I just need to catch up on a lot of sleep.
Also, I am the most boring person to take to The Strip. I don’t drink, smoke, gamble, or do anything that would typically “stay in Vegas.” Any signs that advertised “Gaming” I would get my hopes up thinking that I could walk in and grab a pack of Magic: The Gathering cards or get another expansion to Dixit or Small World. Everything was just full of slot machines and poker tables. Not my idea of gaming, or fun for that matter. All the other sites and sounds (and smells) were left unexplored. I didn’t see any shows, or ride the zip lines or roller coasters. We really didn’t have any time or energy. The holidays are in full swing now and the next time I work at my own store is going to be exhaustively similar to what I did out in the desert of Las Vegas.