Carrie sent me a great story the other day:

“I had a dude on the phone this week who was determined, and I mean DETERMINED, to get a copy of “The Winds of Winter.” I tried to break it to him gently that there’s no publication date yet, that George R. R. Martin hasn’t even finished it yet, that we’re still at least a year away, and that I sympathized fully with his frustration because WHAT ABOUT JON SNOW, but he wouldn’t have it. He *swore* that he could get it from Amazon, and seemed to think I was deliberately holding out on him. Why, I don’t know. Spite, maybe. If he ever calls back once the book actually *is* released, his reservation’s
getting mysteriously lost, that’s all I’m sayin’.”

Or maybe one could have a real “copy” of the book and sell it to them? …Maybe???

Thanks for the email, Carrie!