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Things get misdelivered a lot at The Bookstore. Maybe it was a box meant for another branch of The Bookstore, maybe it was a box of video games meant for Gamestop down the street. UPS handles thousands upon thousands of cartons on the daily, they’re bound to have a few mix ups. I’m sure I’ve mislabled a box or two of returns. Things get messed up just due to humanity being there. It usually works itself out.

But when you ship an envelope of PAYCHECKS to the wrong business, things can get pretty hairy. I’m still pretty annoyed by that, DHL…

I don’t think people mail humans anymore. It was a thing that happened, and a fun bit of history, but I’m pretty sure the screening process is fairly rigorous nowadays.
Those lousy toys though. They creep me out when they’re still boxed up like that. A muffled child like voice inviting you to “come on and play!” is unsettling to hear first thing in the morning. Is it too much to ask those that pack the boxes, or even those people who make the toys to NOT have them set to Demo Mode? Some of the contents shift during transit and some of those buttons get stuck ON for hours at a time. A box stacked in the receiving department slowly giggling to itself is not a fun companion to have in the early morning hours.