I got a funny story from Fathme a little while ago:
“I was calling costumers about their books being in the store. The usual calls “Your book is in you have till Blank} day to pick it up, we are located at {Blank}. Have a great day and we will be seeing you soon”. One of the calls I made I started off withe same speech. when suddenly the customer says ” It is Micheal from music”. We laughed it off, and talked a bit. One of the managers was near by listening in. Once I hung up, the manager just said “calling a co-worker”, as if this happened more often than it should. It is good to know your co-workers last name.”

I can relate to this story a lot. The store I’m in has so many employees and I’ll be gosh darned if I can remember anyone’s last name. With five or six phone numbers for the store only adding to the confusion I wouldn’t be too surprised if I mixed my own order up and tried to call myself. Especially if someone put my name down as Michael. While I answer to that name, I tend to go by Mike just due to the brevity.
There’s less to write, I save a lot of syllables that way. Even if I order in bulk, wasting a perfectly good syllable just isn’t done.

Fathme, thanks for sharing!!