sell my stuff. tommy and jacob can help. i’ll have more than enogh to pay off the car. itll need new tires soon enough.
i’m done. no matter how hard i tried, no matter who helped me, nothing was enough. no one believed me or no one was there to help in a manner that i needed.
brittany abused me from the beginning of the marriage, justified her treatment of me, and tore me down routinely. i tried to keep it going for the sake of lilliana, and the memories and promises of brittany. she was such a wonderful person, or so i thought, before marriage. she kept withholding the affection she freely gave before marriage. she was open, or so i was led to believe. she took my credit card and put me into debt beyond what i was able to keep up with while working a second job.
her father is a pedophile. look into this case:
The State of California vs MURPHY, JOHN SCOTT
Case Information
Case Type: Complaint – Felony
Case Number: CC771911
Filing Date: 7/3/2007
Case Status: Inactive
Court Location: Hall of Justice
brittany’s mother is a petty criminal, a drug addict, and has stolen her own daughter’s identity. yet brittany continues to allow her mother into her life.
no longer will i let things go in a way that i will be stepped on, ignored, taken advantage of, abused, neglected. I tried going out on my terms learning that the life i thought i built with someone i trusted and loved was a lie.
brittany lied to protect whatever broken version she wanted to keep safe. it’s ending. and so am i.

do i apologize for what i’m doing? to lilliana and the family that loved me. i tried. i tried everything i could. i wish i recognized how abusive, authoritarian, selfish, and controlling brittany was. i am so sorry i played a part in bringing a special girl into the world only to see her world destroyed by an uncaring, abusive person. i tried my best to protect lilliana and take the brunt of it. i tried my best to address the issues and ask why i was being treated so badly. i kept looking for ways to show how much i cared and was met with rejection after recjection. abuse, stonewalling, gaslighting, verbal abuse, emotional abuse. there were small moments that i thought i recognized as love, but they were always smaller and smaller as the torment went along. i was subsisting on breadcrumbs of affection. by the end of it i was given maybe 20 minutes of time from brittany a day. i had to do more chores, make more dinners, take care of lilliana the majority of the time, pay the majority, and sometimes all the bills despite our joint incomes, work second jobs, third jobs, sell assts, and brittany kept finding ways to sabotage any efforts i would make to bring about a better life for us.
i don’t care if people see this as revenge. i am finally taking control of a situation from my end. i didn’t deserve to be treated so poorly, especially by someone who daily said, “i love you.” i hope everyone now knows that brittany was lying. she loved me as a toy, as something to control, as something to play with, but never as an equal partner.
john scott murphy, drink yourself to death. you almost did me a favor doing that before. the world will be happy to know one less pedophile is among us.
tawnya, may you live a long, broken life full of regret. do some more drugs, numb yourself to the life you chose to make.
tucker, you never had a father, but i hope he outlives you in jail.

jason, i’m sorry
brenda, i’m sorry
tommy, i’m sorry
jacob, i’m sorry
mom, i’m sorry.
lilliana, i’m sorry.