My brother came up with this idea. He's worked a few other jobs outside of the bookstore and in different languages. He can tell you though that sometimes you don't need to know a word of Japanese, or Spanish, or Indonesian, or whatever, to understand what's going on when a customer is berating a retail employee.   --Mike

Also: For anyone who's interested, I have some t-shirts that maybe sort of could be sold to people who are in the business of wearing awesome clothes.

Also also: Anyone who has one of my t shirts, I'm just wondering how interested you would be in sharing photos of you wearing said t shirt? See, a reader gave me an idea on facebook to showcase those who own a shirt and send in a funny pic of you doing something with it. I could hold a contest and let people vote on which one the like the best. The winner would get a signed and personalized comic strip from me. Personalized, as in, I put you into one of your favorite comic strips from my archive. I redraw it and have the winner in the strip instead of Mike. Please feel free to let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas!

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