As many of you probably already know, and have seen, Mike is no longer with us.

A huge thank you to everyone out there who enjoyed and supported Mike and his works.
An extra special thank you to those who supported Mike on patreon. The patreon will probably shut down soon. I’ve paused the billing, so no one will get charged.

I’ve put a couple archives together of Mike’s work: Here is, from what I can tell, the entirety of Mike: Bookseller, and hopefully all the comic Patreon rewards.


Here’s the few comic rewards that didn’t make it into the above archive: the 5 comics of HP XP MP.


Regarding the Travels of Krrobar series, I can only offer you my apologies. They have long been unavailable to my knowledge. We still have the originals, but no digital files that I can find.
I know that Mike’s plan was to someday redraw everything in a brand new art style.

Krrobar.com may shut down at some point in the future, we’re not entirely sure yet.

Thank you all once again for being a fan of Mike. I hope you can still find joy from his creations.