I got a great email from Jade a little while ago detailing something that she and her coworkers get up to in their store. I thought not only is it a great idea, it made a pretty cool comic out of it too.

Jade writes: “One of the cashiers came up with the brilliant plan of making little BINGO sheets for everyone stuck at cashwrap, with an annoying customer trait on each square. Costs 25 cents to play, and the proceeds go to buy the winners the Starbucks of their choice, not just because they won, but because at that point they have endured way too many awful people and deserve a treat. I customized a card for the Kid’s section (because being Kid’s Lead, I hardly ever get to ring but still want to play).
My card:
“is the bathroom over here?”
unidentified liquid on floor
gaggle ‘o teenagers
abandoned porn
“Do you know anything about the rest of the store?”
double-wide stroller
“Is this a register?”
breastfeeding/diaper change on the stage
4+ children, one parent
school reading list
abandoned child
Reading with child for an hour without buying anything (this is actually the free square in the center)
maximum volume parenting technique
arbitrary reading levels (such as, “I need a RFVL-list book, eight or higher” which I have no idea what that means because the school is the only one anywhere that uses this made-up system)
baby shower gift for a stranger
shrieking brat
child dressed in anything other than clothes (tutu, cape, nothing)
“he’s 4 and reads at a 7th grade level, what can you recommend?”
“how do you get out of the section?”
child lines up plushies on the floor
baby on a leash
sound stories/piano books extravaganza
starbucks picnic
Percy Jackson/ Harry Potter-related request (only annoying due to sheer volume)”

That’s way too awesome to not share with others. Thanks again for the email, Jade!