Inspired by an email from Tracie:

“we have meetings at my store to go over numbers, what’s going to change, and to remind us what we signed up for when we took the job. Just the normal boring stuff they like to throw at you at 7 am.
Well a few years or so ago we had a routine meeting that all of us had to go to. Thinking that it was the usual meeting where we sit and listen to the normal meeting jargon for about an hour; my co-workers that were either not scheduled to officially work that day, and those that thought were working that evening, showed up in their comfortable clothing and house shoes. The moment all of us had arrived to the meeting the managers put us to work moving our massive bookshelves across the floor with all of the books inside them!
If there had been some forwarding to this remodeling, I am sure either people would have found something that would have prevented them from showing up, or they could have been wearing proper foot wear instead of HOUSE SLIPPERS. Needless to say there was a lot of grumbling and the co-workers that wore slippers ended up doing the shelf movement barefoot. Moving shelves at 7 am across carpet towards the front of the store with co-workers who are slipping and sliding is not a fun morning, but is memorable.”

Thanks for the email, Tracie!

I’ve seen meetings like this happen before. Usually due to bad scheduling for a project that somehow didn’t get finished or straight up bad planning on a manager’s part.

We’ve had to pick up the slack on these types tasks before, but what if it happened on the worst day of all? Be grateful for all the days that AREN’T Black Friday.