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With a huge sales campaign trying to reach and welcome a demographic you’d think that Home Office would have done all their homework to make sure designs weren’t infringing on anyone’s property. I guess they played the odds that no one owned the rights to a rainbow ampersand?

It was a nice, clean design. That “&” had some good tones of refracted light on it. The intentions were noble too. Make sure that everyone feels welcome by celebrating any and all lifestyles, cultures, and the like. Certain uptight people did make a few complaints but on the whole I hope people can at least be more tolerant?

Gosh, all of these subjects can be so dang tough to talk about, especially with the cancel culture thing going around. I think the #bookpride campaign is good. I think anyway that a business can bring in more people is only good for both sides. Hopefully it allows these cultures and people to be seen in a way that let’s the detractors see them as they actually are, OTHER PEOPLE, and then leave them alone or engage them in a healthy way.