I got a couple crazy stories sent to me by Caitlin just a couple days ago. One of the stories inspired today’s comic.

“One day last week I was zoning and these two mothers were behind me looking for biographies for their sons when one says “I didn’t know Harriet Tubman was black”. I sat on my stool and cringed while the other mother replied I didn’t know that either. They than asked me if I knew that Harriet Tubman was black and I said yes, yes I did.

When I told a co worker about this encounter she told me that a few days earlier a father was looking for a children’s book on Martin Luther King. She brought him over to a display and handed him a book and the customer said “No I dont want Jr. I need a book about his father””.

I could not have wished for better timing of this. It’s Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday today! The perfect day to shame an uninformed customer!
Caitlin! Thanks so much for the email!