Kenni has written to me before and she had another awesome story to share that turned into today’s comic:
“It was as if the Fates smiled upon me. I had almost no checks (the few I did get were actually already written out! No waiting!) I had a well-behaved group of kids from the local daycare for story time. Almost all the customers knew what they wanted. The customers I did help were so pleasant. I even *gasp* got a few compliments for assisting them! A lady even gave me a $5 tip! …But then…at five minutes to closing…

“Hi, I need to find these six books. I don’t really know the title or authors of them, so I just put down what they kinda look like and what they’re about. Also, where’s your restroom? My son *insert wailing noise from boy* had a bean burrito for lunch, and it ain’t gonna down the way it’s supposed to, if you know what I’m sayin’.”
It’s amazing how just one terrible customer can ruin an otherwise perfect day.”

Thanks so much for another email, Kenni!!