I’m going to say this upfront. I’m not stopping Mike: Bookseller. I have way too many emails I still need to get around to and I’m so very grateful for all your stories that are sent my way and the fun interactions I’ve had on Facebook and Twitter. I hope to keep on top of this storyline for the duration of December and if there are any readers out there who have some stories to share about their store closing please send them my way. I’ll try my best to add those comics into the story. Yes, there could potentially be more than 3 updates a week and I’m willing to do that. There will also be a podcast showing up on the site about this whole thing at some point too.

So it begins…

This happened to me and my coworkers last year. It came pretty sudden. I had just returned from vacation and the morning meeting was being overseen by our district manager. My first thought was, “someone got fired.” My second thought was, “I hope it was (insert name of terrible coworker).”

What was announced, that Westgate was closing, it didn’t really register. Or, I didn’t want it to register. I had just gotten promoted, and with that promotion I made a big financial expenditure thinking that now with my new promotion I wouldn’t have a problem. Not only did I have a problem but so did my 20 odd coworkers.