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Bill O’Reilly is a turd. Politics have nothing to do with that statement. Using power to sexually harass or intimidate people is wrong. I’m very glad all of his bad behavior was brought to light, got him fired, and that there is less Bill O’Reilly around now.

That doesn’t stop these stupid books from coming out still… “Killing England” went on sale this week, the latest in Bill’s Killing series. I don’t care if it’s the most historically accurate portrayal of what happened during the Revolutionary War, if his name is on it I don’t want it. After the fallout of the harassment scandal I was hoping there would be less demand for his books in general. We still have a display set up with all of his books and with this new title I doubt we’re going to see that display get phased out any time soon.

There’s the argument of divorcing the artist from the art, or the creator from the creation, but there are limits. People having stupid opinions is whatever, I can’t control their minds, but scumbags like O’Reilly did more than just have a stupid opinion, he deeply affected people who were just trying to do their job.