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I got a great story from a reader:

“we had a book signing with . . . a major Christian writer whose name rhymes with, um, Troll Posting. 😉 Anyway, his advance people had specific rules about wristbands, who got them, what he’d sign, etc. A customer approached one of our booksellers and said she wanted a wristband but she didn’t have a book and she wasn’t going to buy one, either. The bookseller politely explained that he was only signing books, not doing a meet-and-greet, his rules (and his cadre of giant bodyguards). The customer glared at her and snapped, “Oh! So it’s just all about making MONEY, isn’t it?!” Yes, dear, that’s it. You’ve cracked the secret code. BN and televangelists are both in this for the money.”