One annoyance that crops up almost on the daily is when a “customer” comes in to buy a small cup of coffee or a newspaper and proceeds to pay for the item with a 50 or 100 dollar bill. The sole purpose of them coming in to the store was to make change. You know that there are specific buildings set up to do that for you? Some of them you pay for by keeping your money there? These things called “Banks?” Ever heard of them?
I know that some cashiers are getting pretty nervy at these people too. paying out in small bills to deter repeat offenses. Maybe with enough of these change making episodes paying out in 1s and 5s instead of the crisp 20s the customer wants they’ll clue in to us not appreciating them using us as a cash exchange service.
Who walks around with fat stacks of 50s and 100s nowadays anyway? Paypal, credit cards, google and apple pay, venmo, bitcoin… Cash is out of date. We only work with pretend pretend money now, not that silly pretend money.