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The break room is a wonderful gathering place for foods. Potlucks and going away parties happen a lot in the break rooms of the world. Sometimes people don’t even need a reason to bring food. Some people, retail people even, are cool enough to just bring food to share with coworkers.
There’s two types of food that shows up in a break room. Amazing, delicious food that doesn’t stay around very long, and food that gets looked at more than eaten. Food that meant well but didn’t give it its all to actually look or smell or taste good. That latter type of food is quietly thrown away when the donator isn’t looking.
The good food, on the other hand, is quickly devoured and there is never enough of it gosh darn it. Especially when rules are set up for the food. As soon as there is only one person in the break room left alone with tasty foodstuffs, the rules are ignored, the food masticated and digested well before the allotted break time is over.