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I am really looking forward to playing this new Legend of Zelda game. I have only heard good things about it. I love the series and I haven’t missed out on too many of them over the decades. I also dread playing it. It looks like it’s TOO much fun and could easily take my day and throttle it into submission. I’d get nothing done.
Hey, speaking of nothing getting done, when is that Winds of Winter supposed to come out again? I heard that it was supposed to be published by the end of 2016, but we’re more than a quarter of the way through 2017…

It must be tough to write such a large, sweeping epic of a fantasy world like that. Ambitious plans to tie everything up, new ideas that crop up without any good way to fit into the original plan without adding MORE work to fit in, keeping track of dozens to hundreds of characters, killing all of our favorite characters… I wish GRRM all the luck. Robert Jordan just kept chugging along, and from my point of view, never planned on finishing his huge Wheel of Time series, and died before completing his fantasy series. I think George is really trying to figure it all out AND keep the series to seven books. Another author came in to finish the last book of The Wheel of Time and that turned into THREE books. I can see where things are getting difficult.
The television show can’t be helping either. The fact that the show caught up, and then passed the books is probably a huge frustration for George too. The conundrum of maybe writing something different than what’s happened in the show, or following what happened in the show but adding more, or going in a completely different direction altogether and winging it. I don’t envy the man. Good luck, George R R Martin.