By now people know that the original title for the first Harry Potter book is “The Philospher’s Stone.”
It’s hard to change twenty years of seriously entrenched pop culture though. Scholastic isn’t going to update their paperback editions over here in the United States to match it.
I love Harry Potter. It was a fun mystery series for kids that had a great world built behind it. Fun characters, clever plotting, and some nice examples of standing up for what’s right and fighting evil and such.
I also like taking titles or words and mispronouncing them or saying them ALMOST correctly. Saying “Me-Moyers” instead of “Memoirs,” “Old Tomato” instead of “Ultimatum.” That sort of thing.

The other night I was putting in the second Harry Potter movie to play for my wife to watch, and I called it “The Chamber of Secretions” and this whole comic snowballed from there.