This cookie sale has been going on for quite a while now. It seems like one just has to walk into the store and you’re handed a coupon for an extra cookie. It must be doing something right for it to keep going like this. Usually the coupons are mailed/emailed out and only last for a week or so. This coupon is cookie time all the times forever.
I wonder if studies were done to see what types of smells and scents provoke people to shop more and one conclusion was the smell of cookies baking.

How do we get the smell of cookies in our stores? Sell more cookies! They’ll have to bake more! And we’ll sell more of everything!!!

I feel sorry for some of the customers we serve these coupons too as well. The ones who are buying a new diet book, or trying to get into shape with an exercise and diet planner. You know what goes well with burning calories? More calories. Have another calories while you’re at it!

For those dealing with diabetes though, PLEASE take care of yourself. I had a friend die from that disease. It’s not a thing to take lightly. I’ve seen coworkers who are diabetic not take care of themselves and it isn’t pretty to see the effects of it take its toll on them.

…but some of those cookies are great, and they go so well with a hot cocoa… Sugar is a cruel temptress…