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There are some work hazards at The Bookstore. One of them is dust. For sensitive nostrils, dust is a bitter nemesis. A tickle in your nose doesn’t always mean a quick tissue wipe and you’re back to work. Sometimes it turns into a whole box of tissues, a brisk walk to the restroom, running water, and amazement at how much blood a human body has.

Also, Delivery Companies? Could you make it to your scheduled deliveries ON TIME LIKE WHAT YOUR CONTRACT SPECIFICALLY STATES?

I have been lucky enough to not have to deal with crappy drivers and delivery times too frequently, but I know it’s been an ongoing issue for many. One particular holiday season was a complete disaster. Two delivery workers who were between 2 to 6 hours late EVERY DAY. Sometimes one of the workers would just stand and look while the other was trying to deliver our boxes. Murder is not the best solution, it usually creates more questions, and blood is difficult to clean up. It’s best to stick to calling and complaining. Having a few higher level managers back you up is nice too.