I’ve been working at the Stevens Creek store location for over five years now and I can say that ALL of the good options for food are gone. The crappy pepperoni pizza has been replaced by even crappier “healthy” flat bread pizzas, eating one of the sandwiches is equivalent to chowing down on a stack of cardboard, the soups are bland and watery, and the pretzels have way overstayed their welcome.
I keep hearing rumors of “fresh made” sandwiches, and bringing back chicken tenders and stuff, but nothing’s come from any of those rumors. We could really use a change up for what’s on offer but I have no idea what that would take. A national supply line, distribution centers, all sorts of logistical puzzles to figure out to make sure that a cafe in San Diego California can offer the same Asiago pretzel as a store found in Portland Maine, or even Alaska and Hawai’i.
If these rumors are true, and we will be getting these new food options at some point, what can we do to help quicken the pace of this change? I am a hungry guy and I want to eat food that tastes good.