Kenni wrote me an awesome email just a few days ago. It had to deal with checks. And as annoying as it is for us to run through processing checks, mom and pop bookstores don’t always have the luxury of electronic check scanners and the like.
From Kenni:
“I’m not sure if your store takes checks. Our mom-and-pop bookstore does, but NOT electronically. (And they wonder why they’re always in the red) This is something that happens at least once a week, reminding me it’s not always an elderly person who can get Alzheimer’s…And that maybe I should work on being more patient (Nah!!)”

The email continued to detail the scenario you find in today’s strip (with minor tweaks). I was smiling and nodding along to the email because I know exactly what Kenni goes through there and I HAD to share her story with you all.

Thanks so much for the email, Kenni!!!