Every so often I think back on some managers that I’ve worked under throughout the years. Some managers were amazing and made coming to work in the morning fun. Others, not so much.

I feel that the managers that make it fun, they’re not too focused on moving up in the company so much as they’re focused on doing a good job, keeping the work environment as stress free as possible, and actually managing rather than controlling.

The other type of manager is mostly looking out for number one. Inwardly focused, hoping to use those working under them to look good and hope to get a promotion. The work environment can go jump in a lake for all they care. They’re focused on numbers, not people. They’re not looking for anything other than advancement. Brown nosing their way to the middle because they don’t usually get any higher than that.

The funny thing is, the managers that make things fun, the managers that remember that they’re still human beings, are the ones that get the promotions more times than not.