I got an interesting email from Megan:
I work for a bookstore in the airport, and in addition to books and various snacks we supply, we also have a small tech section. Last night, I was helping a 50ish year old woman get a replacement charger for her iPhone. I managed to find one that had both the charging cord and a wall plug and proceeded to set it up for her. When it tried to put the charger in her iPhone, I couldn’t get it to fit because of the large chunky case she had on it. I told her, “This won’t fit without the case coming off.” She said, “I paid $80 for this case, it’s not coming off!”

I had to call my manager to do a return for her, which took a long time because he wasn’t in the same part of the airport I was. She ended up almost missing her flight because she wouldn’t take the case off of her iPhone to charge it. She even asked me when I told her we have to wait for my manager since I’m not authorized to do returns, “And if I miss my flight, then what?” My internal dialogue was, ‘Then you’re an idiot for not fixing this problem yourself.’

I thought it was pretty funny that someone would risk missing a flight than rather take off some protective case to a piece of electronics. I didn’t think is was too hard to fudge the situation into a comic and I hope you all enjoy. Thanks for the email, Megan!